I Give Myself Free Reign

This was my path to my blog. Tuesday 10/29 – attend (bonus) tele class – subject: Blogging Strategies for Authors. Saturday 11/02 – tear off slip from flyer at work (I work at a library!! yay, I love it). Sunday 11/03 – check out website from flyer slip. NaNoWriMo.org National Novel Writing Month. Ha! I’m not doing that. But in the process (clicking around aimlessly) I find out about NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.

So. On Tuesday I figured since I have a WordPress app where I post my photo-a-day, (Project 365) let me see if I can begin blogging from there. On my second day I realized this is not working the way it should. So I stop after my second post. Besides getting caught up in my workaday week and, come on, me doing anything consistent for more than two days? Ha! But with my notes on hand from Tuesday’s class. And though I tried and tried, I was NOT successful in finding my way to wordpress.ORG. I was able to start this, MY BLOG, on wordpress dot COM on November 3rd. Good enough for now.

If you want to see the one thing that I’ve been consistent with since August you can find my daily photo blog by searching: project 365 ||| 525,600 moments

And now what follows is my real official FIRST blog post. It has found its way here:

I give myself free reign -To BLOG. Be LOving and Glad. [revised: Be Loving, Open and Glad]

This first post is an experiment. Testing testing one two three…

Right now I will take this opportunity to fashion this weB LOG as a place to address what causes great stress in my life. Wanting, in the process, to evolve and right (write) my best life.

The stress comes from “my pile.” What I want out of this documentation is magic! to make it disappear.

But firstly I am creating. A place for gentleness to nudge me, lovingly. A place to find the glad in this mad-ness. I place to see my changes. As the magic pulls away the cape and presto change-o my life is transformed.

In the meantime, learning to live in this messy (middle).

Today I am Queen V


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