Shoots & Giggles

Day 3 on my BLOG!

Day one – on myPhone. Very annoying.

Day two – on myPad. Better.

Day three – on myMac. Way better. So far (judging from these four sentences I’ve typed so far) I think this is the best way to post. Yesterday typing on my iPad was so much better than on my iPhone. And then…I tried to cut and paste. And the program wouldn’t, it froze. I tried this and that, you know, intuitive steps. Got frustrated and then I just posted what I had. As it was. All off kilter with funny margins. I’m just learning my way. Fits and starts for shoots and giggles.

I’ll be on the road for a week starting Thursday. So bear with me (is that the right bear?). My posts will not be all that is swimming around in my head. Too maddening on mobile devices.

It’s snuggle time (very important). Today I will also post what I wrote on October 29. A post post.


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