Own Less, Live More

Here I am the last day of the month, again. I am being true enough to myself to post something. Anything. At least once a month.

I saw the above line somewhere online. I don’t know if I’m paraphrasing it. Or if I hit the nail on the head. Anyhow as I searched to see if I could find the original quote, I found many references to those exact words. I left home last Sunday. And have logged over 500 miles ’til making my way back this evening. So being on the road. Seeing things online on a small screen, I don’t remember where I saw the quote.

But definitely, they are my sentiments. And I have really skimmed a lot of the fat from my “pile.”

I’m starting to feel as though I can breathe a bit easier. I am catching up on correspondence with friends. It is a righteous feeling. Yeah mama. Some relief. 


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