Missed a Month

I was going to post on 31 July. So much going on. 2+ weeks travel overseas. Prior to that: starting with visiting Mama, prepping for August procedure (calls to insurance, acquiring supplies), prepping for travel and an interview and of course, work. After the holiday: “arriving” home, unpacking, work, dds, being a good Samaritan (Hana), and more work. Plus jet lag and ketchup.

Well, what I had hoped for hadn’t come to pass (re: the interview). I am disappointed, but I’ve got other fish to fry. For now.

I believe everything is going to work out fine.

Still fantasizing that off loading stuff would be nirvana. Yet, I acquired two pairs of footwear [one pair a gift], a jacket (gotta keep warm), a choker and a broach [gift].

So much in this world. KISS


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