My New Year

This is my first birthday with a blog. Actually August is my birth month. I start the first of the month by proclaiming “It’s my Birthmonth!” I don’t ordinarily do much else. Except any tiny delight I take as a small gift. Well now that August is officially over, it is now my new natal year.

I started my 2013 natal year with a Project 365 foto-blog. I don’t know why, but three weeks ago it just disappeared into the ethers. This year I decided to post a picture-a-day on my Instagram (@gram_boo). Though I keep that social network really small, just to keep it simple, and also because I’m not on there much, I don’t understand how to figure out who’s who.

Well now. I guess I’ll be posting at the beginning of the month, instead of by the end of the month. We’ll see how that goes.

Things I started or did for the first time on my birthday: I started using an app “Couch to 5K” 30 minutes/3 days a week/9 weeks. So far so good. And I “arm knitted” a scarf in 30 minutes [just like the video states]. New adventures in my new natal year.


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