Clutter – Clearing

–with guidance a la “Soul Coaching.” (Denise Linn)

This is it. Delete and disappear this stuff as though my life depends on it. 


Years and Years

What? 2015 was my last post. Yeah-huh.

I have made progress on the P I L E.

And really, truly this year it is disappearing. Poof. To be never, no more.

Today is January 5th 2018. I’ve been sick for eleven days. Bad, so bad.

Publishing now just so’s I have something done.

One Quarter Down

Last day of March. Just saw our CPA yesterday. Now that that’s done, there’s so much that will be pulled to the front burners, so to say.

Thrown in the pot is continuing six more months of Flow(eR)evolution. Finishing Earth, next is Sky(‘s the limit).

re: Curating My Abundance
I really am offloading stuff. In anticipation of major life changes. (Always). Always hopeful at fresh starts, new beginnings. Now it’s time for action, and completion.
Let’s do this. Seriously. Go!

Fun, Fun, Fun…Time Flies

Well, there you have it. I did good my first year. A post everyday the first month. And a post every month (expect one month) the first twelve months.

For a few years now this is how I’ve been describing the last months and first months of the calendar year: Regarding December, I just write it off. So much happening, so much to do, so many affairs. January, I’m just catching up from the holidays. February is so short it’s over before you know it. March is occupied with taxes. Whoops — there goes a good chunk of a year! That’s my excuse about missing my monthly posts for December and January.

So, now, moving forward. These two books have come into my life. And this is what I will be concentrating on for the next six months (the “Magic” book in particular).

Essentialism, Greg McKeown
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie “KonMari” Kondo

I am really expecting Life Changes because of the application of these books.

Their insights will truly aid me in Curating My Abundance.

One Year

Bit by bit. I add a snippet monthly. I did alright my first year. Missed one month completely. Now trying out this phone app version.

Various wrenches thrown in gears. Because of the unexpected, sudden death of my beloved Papa-in-law of over twenty-seven years, I must make my way overseas. Accompany my husband to his mother country. To be with kin.

When one is in shock simplifying comes easier.