Stuff. Live a life on vacation.
My thoughts. (briefly) When you are on vacation the rooms you stay in are sparse. No clutter. Simple. Packing light also simplifies life. You feel more carefree. Have less stress. Less stuff to deal with. You know, stuff at home that eats up time/life. Mail, cleaning, paperwork, housework. Taking care of business. Phone calls, work.


My New Year

This is my first birthday with a blog. Actually August is my birth month. I start the first of the month by proclaiming “It’s my Birthmonth!” I don’t ordinarily do much else. Except any tiny delight I take as a small gift. Well now that August is officially over, it is now my new natal year.

I started my 2013 natal year with a Project 365 foto-blog. I don’t know why, but three weeks ago it just disappeared into the ethers. This year I decided to post a picture-a-day on my Instagram (@gram_boo). Though I keep that social network really small, just to keep it simple, and also because I’m not on there much, I don’t understand how to figure out who’s who.

Well now. I guess I’ll be posting at the beginning of the month, instead of by the end of the month. We’ll see how that goes.

Things I started or did for the first time on my birthday: I started using an app “Couch to 5K” 30 minutes/3 days a week/9 weeks. So far so good. And I “arm knitted” a scarf in 30 minutes [just like the video states]. New adventures in my new natal year.

Missed a Month

I was going to post on 31 July. So much going on. 2+ weeks travel overseas. Prior to that: starting with visiting Mama, prepping for August procedure (calls to insurance, acquiring supplies), prepping for travel and an interview and of course, work. After the holiday: “arriving” home, unpacking, work, dds, being a good Samaritan (Hana), and more work. Plus jet lag and ketchup.

Well, what I had hoped for hadn’t come to pass (re: the interview). I am disappointed, but I’ve got other fish to fry. For now.

I believe everything is going to work out fine.

Still fantasizing that off loading stuff would be nirvana. Yet, I acquired two pairs of footwear [one pair a gift], a jacket (gotta keep warm), a choker and a broach [gift].

So much in this world. KISS


Things are still brewing. A will have an “answer” in August. Let’s see how this possibility unfolds.

In the meantime the pile has diminished significantly. What’s left in the office is mostly current papers, mostly. Everything else is collected in the steamer trunk. To be dealt with in time. One thing at a time. 

Go Holland! (World Cup)

May – Come and Gone

As is the year. Passing quickly. I believe it’s been half a year now. I have really, truly shaped up my office, my pile. I had success off-loading a fax machine via a yahoo group once named FreeCycle. Now called Central Coast SLO Re-Cycle (not a very catchy name anymore). Giving it away to a good and appreciative home. 

There is some interesting situation brewing, I will report next month, when I am certain. I am definitely making room in my life for “new.”

Own Less, Live More

Here I am the last day of the month, again. I am being true enough to myself to post something. Anything. At least once a month.

I saw the above line somewhere online. I don’t know if I’m paraphrasing it. Or if I hit the nail on the head. Anyhow as I searched to see if I could find the original quote, I found many references to those exact words. I left home last Sunday. And have logged over 500 miles ’til making my way back this evening. So being on the road. Seeing things online on a small screen, I don’t remember where I saw the quote.

But definitely, they are my sentiments. And I have really skimmed a lot of the fat from my “pile.”

I’m starting to feel as though I can breathe a bit easier. I am catching up on correspondence with friends. It is a righteous feeling. Yeah mama. Some relief.